• COVID-19 update from the Big B Bricks Team

    Posted on 19 Mar 2020 08:06


    To help you keep your sanity while on lockdown, our store will continue shipments for as long as USPS allows. We will continue to shelter in place, as we have been, as your safety is our concern.

    In this time of international uncertainty, if one thing will remain a constant, it will be my 11 am front door mail pick up. I understand many of you use LEGO as an aid and we want to ensure you have your therapy. Worldwide shipments will continue but will be limited to one shipment daily instead multiple and on demand as was the norm.

    We have not and will not be having any additional interactions with the outside world and will not be adding new elements to the store that have not been quarantined for 20 days, 5x the recommendation of new health guidelinesĀ (96 hours).

    Additionally, all elements added to the store in the past four weeks were in our possession and in our storeroom prior to the outbreak. We have been placing all new stock that has arrived over the past few weeks in quarantine but have not yet added it to the physical store.

    We may have joked previously but we are taking this and our customers wellbeing very seriously. If you are in a susceptible group, please quarantine your package for 24-36 hours per new health guidelines but know that the sealed contents will be safe. The world is a little crazy right now but we want you to know that any LEGO that comes from us has your safety and wellbeing in mind.

    Play well, be safe and just keep bricking and we'll get through this together.

    - Big B