Please join with us in donating to your local food banks.

We will be donating 10% of our sales to our local food bank through the end of the COVID-19 crisis and we are encouraging our fellow brick slingers to do the same.

6 May 2020 - And now some good news... Because of your support and encouragement we were able to donate over 5000 meals to our local food bank this month. That equates to a full weeks worth of groceries for families suffering from food insecurity in our community and we're not stopping there. We will continue to donate 10% of our pre-tax earnings until the COVID crisis is over.

6 June 2020 - And now some more good news... With your help, we were able to donate over 15,000 meals this month. Guess what? We're not stopping.

6 July 2020 - We were able to raise enough to donate 20,000 this past month and we are on board to keep this going until we are back on our feet as a nation. Thank you for your support as we try to provide good things to those affected in our community.

My most sincere gratitude for helping us take on this issue. I may be the hardest working man on BrickOwl but you folks are the greatest people in the world!

Welcome to Big B Bricks!

Hey Big B, what is this raffle ticket that I received in my order?

Link to our latest modular drawing video

We give away LEGO modular sets four times a year and the raffle ticket is your way to claim the prize. Follow the link above to see a video explaining the contest and tune into my FaceBook page Jul 4th to see if you won. Just don't forget to save those tickets!

Keep reading to see how you can save money on your order and have a chance at winning more FREE LEGO by just following us on social media and letting us know about it in your order comments...

We have a triple progressive coupon* program here at Big B Bricks!!! After your first order you get a coupon for 5% off parts in your next order and are hereby considered a repeat offender upon your next order. After your 6th order, you'll start to receive coupons for the same percent off parts as the number of orders you've placed!

Example: 1 order, 5% off parts; 4 orders, 5% off parts; 6 orders, 6% off parts; 20 orders, 20% off parts

Double BONUS! If you are a follower on social media (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter) the coupon you receive after placing an order increases at twice the rate as normal buyers. Please make sure you let us know in your order comments that you are a follower on social media along with your username on that portal and we will be sure to include the increased rate coupon when your order ships.

Example: On your first and second orders, you will receive a coupon for 5% off parts, third is 6%, fourth is 8%, tenth is 20%

*Please remember to apply your coupon during checkout, coupon valid on parts only, order may remain open for 7 days for those adding to orders for bonus incentives, thanks. Social media followers will receive a 2x bonus rate up to the maximum so it makes sense to sub/follow us on YouTube/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and let us know about it. ;)

Please make sure that your BrickOwl and PayPal shipping addresses match, both companies require us to follow their respective rules and to do so, the addresses must match.


Serving with the US military overseas in the APO or active duty stateside?

You automatically qualify for free shipping and 10% off your total.

All day, every day.

This Vet thanks you.

We never add any additional shipping charges only what USPS lists.

1st class shipping is default unless otherwise requested. Baseplates 16x32 and larger are shipped in 9oz boxes.

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If you watch or subscribe to my YouTube channel, please let me know in your order comment so I know to include you in our special social media offers, thanks.